“The New Movement”

The base of our concept is the Dancehall. The 60% of our classes and workshops are built around the culture and music of Jamaica, the 30% around the Afro and the last 10% around of Hip Hop. The Latin rhythms are used as tool of link, therefore are in the background.

The creation of new steps and fusion of these is ShaKa Dance®.

Shaka (1787- 22 September 1828), also known as ShaKa Zulú, he was a tribal chief zulú that at the beginning of the 19th century launched a process that transformed the small tribe zulú into the most powerful warlike nation of Africa that faced successfully the advance of the British Empire from the Cape of Buena Esperanza.

Shaka Dance is an activity that combines the cardiovascular work with the strengthening taking advantage of the diversity and fusion besides the creation of steps using rhythms from different cultures. Shaka Dance doesn’t have limit, understands that the creation of new steps and styles from others already learned enriches. Everybody moves of a way, to feel a step you must feel it yours and to feel it yours you it need to adapt to you

Samira Talha

Borned in Morocco and settled in Spain. Athlete since she was 4 years old, starts by practicing sports gymnastics, handball and Kick boxing. The music always has been his guide and the dance his way of expression. Coach of guided activities like cardio box, aerobics, gap, oriental dance, hip hop, Afro, body jump … In 2014 starts as a trainer and national responsible of a trademark while she was working on her own project and in 2016 decided to launch what is already a fact… Shaka Dance®

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