Bienvenido a “The New Movement”

Do you want to renew? Look no further, become Shakari. You can do it!

It does not matter if you want to learn for your personal growth or if you also want to go to a professional area, now in Shaka Dance® you can.

Choose the Shakari Soul option if you want to direct your learning and develop your skills personally.

If you also want to transform your classes, motivate your students and transfer them flying to another level then access the options that we offer according to the dates in each training.


Two days in which together we will activate, investigate, learn, develop, improve and much more.

    Our goal is to work with our instructors so that their classes every day exceed expectations. We believe that with attitude and good support an instructor can achieve what is proposed and therefore we put at your disposal all the possible tools, they decide when and in what they want to use them.

    We understand that the better trained and more professional the members of our team, the better the product received by our students that are undoubtedly the basis of ShaKa Dance®.

    After the completion of each course / seminar / webinar our professional will deliver the certification where the specialty will appear, hours and the professional who gives it.

    We want these tools to give our instructors the possibility to inspect new ways of expression in their work and serve them as a training not only inside but also outside ShaKa Dance®


    • Continuing education- Shakari Pro
    • Advanced Shakari
    • Shakari Ability ( For advanced Shakari Pro, it has practical test)
    • Seminars (Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Twerk, Vogue, Sexy Style, Personal Brand and Marketing …)
    • Webinars (Bullying, reintegration, seniors …)
    • From 70,00 2 Qty Available

    Conviertete en Pro

    * 6 choreographies every 2 months 
    * 6 tutorials every 2 months 
    * 6 Musical themes every 2 months 
    * You can teach Master Class 
    * You can acquire continuous training packages (initiation / intermediate / advanced) 
    * Guide videos to improve your classes 
    * Discounts in seminars 
    * Special bonuses 
    * Discount Instructor support 
    * Attendance at 1 free annual refresh. * 
    * Discounts on clothing – Styloh brand! * 
    * Right to use our logo 

    Soporte al instructor

    All our Shakaris will have at their disposal the option of receiving support from their ZMT or from another ZMT as long as they can speak the same language.
    It is good that an instructor can receive corrections or techniques from different specialists for their greater growth. We also understand that we must value the work and the effort that entails for our ZMT. 

    This support will be available on our website with two options:
     Revisions:   There will be packages at your disposal of 5.10 or 15 revisions. These revisions will be made as follows: 
    -The instructor will send videos with doubts that may have arisen in the steps learned, changes, body position or other related to them. 
    – Each revised video will count as 1 review independently of the same choreography. 
    -Video call: 30-minute video call with your ZMT selected to clarify doubts at the moment in relation to steps, technique, execution, body position and others related to choreography. 

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    • From 15,00 4 Qty Available

    Packs Pro

    • 19,90 Unlimited tickets
    • 29,90 Unlimited tickets
    • 39,90 Unlimited tickets


    Colaboramos con profesionales externos especializados y con un currículo lleno de éxitos para que nuestros instructores tengan el mayor abanico de opciones para su crecimiento por medio de diferentes disciplinas:

    • Hip hop
    • Dancehall
    • Arrobetas
    • Twerk
    • Vogue
    • Bollywood


    Siempre preparados para ti. A veces necesitamos una ayudita para aplicar nuestras clases a otros medios, pero no como para asistir a una formación de una o dos jornadas. Nuestros seminarios te ayudaran dándote pautas, consejos y trucos para que consigamos que aproveches al máximo tu certificación.

      * Shaka Dance contra el bullyng

     * Shaka adaptado a step

     * Shaka adaptado a agua

    Y muchos más ….

    La formación dura dos jornadas. Dos jornadas que jamás olvidarás porque vamos a poner a tu alcance un sinfín de nuevas herramientas con las que vas a conseguir esa gran meta que todos tenemos, ser aún mejores, disfrutarlo aún más, pero, sobre todo, hacer más feliz a tus alumnos.

    Además, no necesitaras cursos específicos para adaptar tus clases a niños, agua, step y otros.